hi, i am charlie. this website is a work in progress.

pronouns: they/them
birthday: march 21

interests: independent music; social justice; playing guitar; animals; college radio; latinx art, culture, and identity; gender; challenging oppressive systems

the daily grime

3/27/24 AHHHH my stomach is going crazy because after an extremely depressing and stagnant period, things are finally starting back up again in terms of future prospects?? could this be the light? am i dying? are my dreams coming true? i guess it would be kind of funny if i thought my dreams were coming true but then i died, i think that would be really fitting for my character. anyway, today is a big day, i'm totally wired and hope i don't end up disappointed. updates to come i guess.

3/12/24 hiiii. corefest is just around the core-ner (ha) and i am getting excited for it. my birthday is ven sooner than that, but i don't know what i am doing for that yet. a super power i would like to have is the ability to read at an astonishing speed. i would also like to learn information with exceptional ease. these things take time, but are worth it. i just wish i could have it all...

3/04/24 hello! it's monday. it's march. my birthday is in 17 days! today i wrote up a concert review for the paranoyds, which should be up on shortly. i am happy to have more opportunities to write about and experience music, which is my passion. this year's IBS conference was an interesting learning experience, and i am glad to have been able to attend. the core won two awards! best community outreach event, and best station blog. this month the station is ramping up for corefest 2024, headlined by frankie cosmos and tula vera, featuring local bands goalie fight and lightheaded. i'm excited because i know it'll be great. today my friend played a goalie fight song on their show, and it was the first time i listened to their music. before i found out it was them, i was itching to know who made the track. hopefully, this will be a good month!

2/29/24 holy shit guys, it's leap day! thinking about leap day 2020 is awful for me. 2020 was a terrible year pandemic aside (which was Once-unimaginably terrible). today i am happy to be subbing a radio show! i don't think i have ever had a show on a leap day, and might never have a leap day show again. i am sure there are many days i have not had a show on, though. anyway! tomorrow i will be going to the IBS conference(that's the intercollegiate broadcasting system conference to you, sir) and i am really excited to learn more about how to improve my radio show/station! i look forward to this informative schenanigan every year. this is probably my last year going but who knows.

2/26/24 i got to see the paranoyds on saturday!! they were amazing. they were sweet to interview as well. we talked about horror movies, classic songs of eps past on newer releases, the rock star life (it kinda sucks), and forbidden mineral water that should not exist. also! today my album review of fugitive bubble's delusion was posted today on post-trash!! also one last thing is that i got sun mail today! a record from my friend (mitski's be the cowboy) and a new walkman because the cat i am watching broke mine. i walked around town an listened to a tribe called quest CD on it that i checked out from the library, since the weather was so nice out today. the cat knocked my old one off a 4 foot table -- why??? i felt wacky for buying it but i really put my old walkman to good use and expect the same with this one.

2/23/24 last night i found out that my review of fugitive bubble's rerelease of their album Delusion is going to be posted on post-trash on monday, 2/26! tomorrow i am going to interview one of my favorite bands, the paranoyds, with two cool friends from the radio station! that's going to be going up somewhere at sometime, too, but i don't know when. yay!

2/22/24 today my youngest sibling turned 18!!! it's very strange.

2/21/24 i deleted my code by mistake womp womp. in the future i would like to make a special page about my opinions on music! all about music basically.